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Company Profile

Hawksweep Technology is committed to develop and manufacture the wireless Counter Surveillance Equipment. We are an innovative dynamic company, rapidly building a reputation for designing highly effective detection equipment with a customer oriented approach. Our wireless detection products are used by counter measures professionals worldwide. Our clients include government, police, businesses and professional sweep teams and some private places.
Our products are also now being in used in environments where mobile phone usage is prohibited, such as boardrooms, prisons, hospitals, exam halls etc. Our high sensitivity signal detectors allow users to be instantly notified of unauthorised mobile phone activity and to locate the position of the target phone.

Based on customers’ request, our knowledge and experience of transmission technologies lead us to keep developing  wireless detector.

Our detector are received with great success for its small size, high end performance and simplicity of use.

Our goal is as Protect Your Privacy. Prevent  Your Leakage of Confidence.

Try to expose all the wireless tapping and eavesdropping devices,and secure the wireless world.

We will continue to develope different range of flagship detection equipments offering the highest possible technical

specification ,more precisely located ,and more user friendly,

We welcome you to contact us for any interested in our detection products.