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Handheld Wireless Camera Hunter

Name:Handheld Wireless Camera Hunter



1. It can receive the image and voice of any global wireless cameras signals.

2. Multi language version. Easy to operate.

3. One key to fast latch the frequency channels and recording channels, with semi-automatic and fully automatic scanning  capabilities.

4. Handheld, small size and light weight.

5. The unique 5.8 GHz scanning technology, continuous scanning frequency bands of 900-1300MHz, 2300-2600MHz and 5600-6040MHz.

6. It can detect and latch three frequency bands on multiple wireless camera at the same same and record the signals in time.

7. With internal high compacity lithium battery , last working more than 5 hours. Easy to change just as to change your mobile phone battery.

8. With USB cable, easier for computer recharging and operation of equipment.

9. Automatic identification for NTSC/PAL/SECAM Video system.

10. With Video output and external headphones jack.

Product details

HS-5000A, A professional wireless camera scanner is one of the most advanced video scanning system. The device covers the frequency bands as 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz. Its continuous frequency scanning technology is only the one in the world as we know.This breakthrough invention can detect and display the video and audio of multiple hidden wireless cameras on multiple frequencies at the same time.


HS-5000A, displays the receiving image on a 4.0 inches high resolution color LCD monitor, and can detect the signals of the wireless camera up to 150 meters away (depending on output power of transimitter).This professional wireless camera scanner covers three frequency bands:900-1300MHz, 2300-2600MHz and 5600-6040MHz. It scans all the frequency bands synchronously within 95seconds.


HS-5000A has the indication of NTSC/SECAM system to identify the video signals system on the detected system.It can fast latch the frequency and image togeather with the viberating and sounding alarming function.


The device has AV outputs allow for recording the video and audio of all three frequency bands simultaneously, facilitating the law enformancement department analyzing the criminals' motivation and evidence.It also provides a good statement to prevent the criminal activities.


Wireless camera detector.

Automatically scan for wireless video signals. Once signal is detected view the video on the screen. See what the camera does to make it easier to locate where the camera is hidden.


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